Elizabeth Baez


Program Director, Residential Rehabilitation Women’s Program

Since 2012, Elizabeth “Liz” Baez has had a varied professional history working in human services, addiction, victim advocacy and Human Resources. For over a decade, Liz has volunteered in a variety of correctional facilities and treatment centers. While working as a Counselor at Helio Health’s Integrated Outpatient, as well as their ROACA (Regional Open Access Center for Addiction) walk-in crisis unit she was also a part of the Trauma-Informed Care Committee. In 2014, Liz received her Bachelor of Art degree from SUNY Oswego and Liz has obtained her CASAC -T in 2018, CASAC in 2020 and has completed all Advanced CASAC requirements in 2021.


607.722.8987 x230 | ebaez@frsinc.org